四大名建築師聯手打造阿聯酋首都的Saadiyat Island


四大名建築師聯手打造阿聯酋首都的Saadiyat Island

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四位著名建築師 Ando Gehry Hadid Nouvel
已被Abu Dhabi的旅遊業發展及投資公司(TDIC)委託

Tadao Ando - Maritime Museum 海事博物館
Frank Gehry - Guggenheim Abu Dhabi 阿布扎比古根海姆
Zaha Hadid - Saadiyat's Performing Arts Centre 演藝中心
Jean Nouvel - Classical Museum 古典博物館




Ando, Gehry, Hadid, and Nouvel
Saadiyat Island - Abu Dhabi UAE

Saadiyat 海島, 近海處酋長管轄區, 將成為新國際水平的文化目的地。

Saadiyat Island, just offshore the emirate, will become a new world-class cultural destination.

saadiyat島是一個島嶼500米阿布南岸阿布扎比島. dhs.100一億元(27億美元)的混合商業、居住、休閒項目正在建設本島 預計在2018年. 據政府官員阿布saadiyat島可望成為阿布扎比的文化中心.

Saadiyat Island is an island 500 meters off the coast of Abu Dhabi island. A Dhs.100 billion (US$ 27 billion) mixed commercial, residential, and leisure project is currently under construction on the island, expected to be completed in 2018. According to government officials, Saadiyat Island is expected to become Abu Dhabi's cultural center.

Four renowned architects have been commissioned by Abu Dhabi's Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) for iconic museums and a performing arts centre which will position the UAE capital's Saadiyat Island, that lies just offshore the emirate, as a world-class cultural destination.

Tadao Ando is designing the Maritime Museum, Frank Gehry the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, Zaha Hadid the Saadiyat's Performing Arts Centre, and Jean Nouvel is designing the Classical Museum.

Tadao Ando - Maritime Museum 海事博物館


安藤的海事博物館概念需靈感來自阿布阿布扎比的自然環境、景觀、海洋傳統. 它表面反射視水陸合併. 其船浮身像內政部已透過展覽場地參觀指導.

Ando's Maritime Museum concept takes its inspiration from Abu Dhabi's natural surroundings, landscape and maritime traditions. It has a reflective surface visually merging sea and land. Its ship-like interior has floating decks which guide visitors through the exhibition space.

"帆船、阿拉伯三角帆船船或lateen乘風破浪, 浮法超過室內空間的空白,而且也增加了激烈的視覺經驗與對象之一 另外,博物館建築的整體水平. 地下還有第二空間提供了巨大的水族館接待大廳. 傳統的三角帆船飄在水族館是從不同角度."

「Dhows, Arab sailing vessels with triangular or lateen sails, float over the voids of the interior space and help create an intense visual experience by relating objects to one another and to the museum architecture as a whole. Below ground, there is a second space – a reception hall with an enormous aquarium. A traditional dhow floats over the aquarium and is seen from different perspectives.」
- Tadao Ando


為了強調簡單,但是強大,外形建築,周圍的景觀是舉辦電網形成. 排線林邊樹木現場 營造綠洲般,讓遊客邊界之間逐步過渡到更寧靜、動感、思惟 空間的博物館.

In order to emphasise the simple, but powerful, shape of the building, the surrounding landscape is organised in grid form. Rows of trees line the forecourt of the site, creating an oasis-like border that allows visitors to transition gradually between the dynamic city and the more serene and contemplative space of the museum.

Frank Gehry - Guggenheim Abu Dhabi 阿布扎比古根海姆


蓋裡的古根海姆的概念阿布阿布扎比博物館 在這32萬平方英呎,將成為全世界最大的古根海姆博物館 設計容納周圍的大約13萬平方英呎的展覽空間. 展覽將永久收藏,特別畫廊展覽,藝術與技術中心, 少兒藝術教育設施、檔案館、圖書館和研究中心和前沿性的尖端保育實驗室.

Gehry's concept for the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Museum, which at 320,000 square feet will be the world's largest Guggenheim museum, is designed around accommodating approximately 130,000 square feet of exhibition space. It will feature permanent collections, galleries for special exhibitions, a centre for art and technology, a children's art education facility, archives, library and research centre and a state-of-the-art conservation laboratory.

"很顯然,這從一開始就必須有新發明. 景觀的機會,要求 建有世界各國人民,以及對資源可能會來完成啟用 軌跡,不可能被視為地方. 地點本身,就幾乎接近水或水中全方位、 在沙漠和海洋景觀與美麗的地方,提出了一些輕質量的方向發展."

「It was clear from the beginning that this had to be a new invention. The landscape, the opportunity, the requirement, to build something that people all over the world would come to and the possible resource to accomplish it opened tracks that were not likely to be considered anywhere else. The site itself, virtually on the water or close to the water on all sides, in a desert landscape with the beautiful sea and the light quality of the place suggested some of the direction.」
- Frank Gehry


四層中央核心畫廊列出了庭院周圍,展區橫跨兩個戒指出核心. 第三圈是大展區,建成工業原料更像空間照明和曝光系統. 這家新的畫廊將規模當代藝術-美術會,也許現場並做出了規模,不可能實現的,通常在世界各地舉辦的博物館.

Four storeys of central core galleries are laid out around a courtyard, with two more rings of galleries spanning out from the core. The third ring is for larger galleries, built more like raw industrial space with exposed lighting and systems. These galleries will be homes for a new scale of contemporary art - art that would be, perhaps, made on site and of a scale that could not be achieved in the normally organised museums around the world.

Zaha Hadid - Saadiyat's Performing Arts Centre 演藝中心


在哈迪德的演藝中心構想一個62米高的住房建設提出了五個劇院-星海音樂廳、音樂廳、歌劇院劇院劇場、靈活組合座位6300. 該中心還設有演藝學院.

In Hadid's Performing Arts Centre concept, a 62 metre high building is proposed housing five theatres – a music hall, concert hall, opera house, drama theatre and a flexible theatre with a combined seating capacity for 6,300. The Centre may also house an Academy of Performing Arts.


「As it winds through the site, the architecture increases in complexity, building up height and depth and achieving multiple summits in the bodies housing the performance spaces, which spring from the structure like fruits on a vine and face westward, toward the water.」
- Zaha Hadid

建設成為一個傾斜的結構,舒展的合奏海事博物館在其南端古根海姆在阿布扎比的阿布北端. 以其質量中心在水的邊緣,表演藝術中心沿中軸重點商品的地盤. 這一安排在動脈擾亂塊矩陣道開幕意見向天際的大海和阿布阿布扎比.

The building becomes part of an inclining ensemble of structures that stretch from the Maritime Museum at its southern end to the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi at the northern tip. With its centre of mass at the water's edge, the Performing Arts Centre focuses its volume along the central axis of the site. This arrangement interrupts the block matrix at the Arterial Road, opening views to the sea and the skyline of Abu Dhabi.


音樂廳以上較低四劇院內政部允許其進入日光和戲劇性海景及城市天際從背後龐大窗舞台. 每個劇團都是當地大堂面向大海,讓每個遊客不斷視覺接觸叫聲.

The concert hall is above the lower four theatres, allowing daylight into its interior and dramatic views of the sea and city skyline from the huge window behind the stage. Local lobbies for each theatre are orientated towards the sea to give each visitor a constant visual contact with their surroundings.

Jean Nouvel - Classical Museum 古典博物館


Nouvel's design concept for the Classical Museum owes much to Saadiyat's natural surroundings.

"島上有一個嚴酷的風景,鍛鍊自己的會面頻道鮮明的形象與地球乾旱的流動性的水域. 這些城市發射了想像力走向不明或深埋進沙沉沒水底. 這些夢幻思潮匯成了一個簡單的考古現場復活計劃作為一個小城市,一群將近一排建築物沿著寬敞的長廊."

「The island offers a harsh landscape, tempered by its meeting with the channel, a striking image of the aridity of the earth versus the fluidity of the waters. These fired the imagination towards unknown cities buried deep into the sands or sunk under water. These dreamy thoughts have merged into a simple plan of an archaeological field revived as a small city, a cluster of nearly one-row buildings along a leisurely promenade.」
- Jean Nouvel


建築是涵蓋了大圓頂,一種常見的文明社會. 這是一個不同的網頁半透明圖案交織成一個上限,讓瀰漫,魔幻輕渡過了最佳傳統阿拉伯偉大建築. 水是一個至關重要的作用,在反映每一部分的建設和充當琪、而在創造,幫上一把風一個舒適的小氣候,讓遊客進入一個完全不同的世界的感覺.

The building is covered with a large dome, a form common to all civilisations. This one is made of a web of different patterns interlaced into a translucent ceiling which lets a diffuse, magical light come through in the best tradition of great Arabian architecture. Water is given a crucial role, both in reflecting every part of the building and acting as a psyche, and in creating, with a little help from the wind, a comfortable micro-climate that will give visitors a feeling of entering a different world.


The museums on Saadiyat Island's Cultural District are scheduled to open under a phased programme starting in 2012.

遍及87340平方公里阿布阿布扎比是七個酋長國中最大的彌補和阿拉伯聯合酋長國佔多85%,比全國10%的土地的規模效益. 阿聯酋是6位阿拉伯海灣合作委員會.

Spread over 87,340 square kilometres, Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates and accounts for more than 85% of the country's total land mass. The UAE is one of the six members of the Arabian Gulf Co-operation Council.

saadiyat島-它把阿拉伯語作為幸福島是最大的單一混合使用開發的阿拉伯海灣. 27平方公里的天然海島一半大小百慕大僅在於離岸500米阿布阿布扎比島首都阿拉伯聯合酋長國. saadiyat島嶼正在發展成為一個完整的旅遊目的地和住宿.

Saadiyat Island - which translates from Arabic as Island of Happiness - is the largest single mixed-use development in the Arabian Gulf. The 27 square kilometre natural island - half the size of Bermuda - lies only 500 metres offshore Abu Dhabi island - the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. Saadiyat Island is being developed into a complete visitor and residential destination.


Saadiyat Island will be linked to the main Abu Dhabi island and the Abu Dhabi mainland via two, 10-lane freeways making the destination easily accessible to Abu Dhabi International Airport, which will be just a 25 kilometre drive away.

saadiyat島文化區、公園還將展出雙年展將於19國際展館穿梭,越過了運河通航150公里. 19個展館,將舉辦一系列的文化藝術節目和活動,將設計一些當今頂級建築師. 這些包括阿聯酋卡利阿爾納扎爾俄羅斯的尤里avvakumov,美國的格雷格林恩紐約的拉希德哈尼、英國的大衛adjaye,中國裴竹、韓國升八生.

Saadiyat Island's Cultural District will also feature a Biennale Park and 19 international pavilions which will be criss-crossed by a 1.5 kilometre long navigable canal. The 19 pavilions, which will host a range of art and cultural events and activities, will be designed by some of today's leading architects. These include UAE's Khalid Alnajjar Russia's Yuri Avvakumov, USA's Greg Lynn, New York's Hani Rashid, UK's David Adjaye, China's Pei-Zhu, and Korea's Seung H-Sang.


The USA-headquartered urban design, engineering and interiors firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) has created the final master plan for the Cultural District.

長期計劃還包括發展創造了良好的校園藝術學校畢業saadiyat島內文化區. 這些將專門藝術,建築、音樂、戲劇. 還將特別注意發展教育推廣方案給青年整個海灣地區.

The long-term plans also include the development of a creative campus of graduate schools in the fine arts within Saadiyat Island's Cultural District. These will be devoted to art, architecture, music and drama. Special attention will also be given to developing educational outreach programmes for the youth of the entire Gulf region.

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New York Times
Celebrity Architects Reveal a Daring Cultural Xanadu for the Arab World


Zaha Hadid’s design for a performing arts center for an island in Abu Dhabi.


阿布阿布扎比,阿拉伯聯合酋長國,這塊土地的大志氣、口袋、 週三規劃者設計一種大膽亮相數以兆計的文化區從未見過像在阿拉伯 世界.

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates, In this land of big ambition and deep pockets, planners on Wednesday unveiled designs for an audacious multibillion-dollar cultural district whose like has never been seen in the Arab world.

在這裡阿布阿布扎比設計、 阿拉伯聯合酋長國的首都,也是世界最大的石油生產國, 是建立在一個公正近海島嶼包括三個博物館和建築師設計的名人 Frank蓋裡、安藤忠雄、Nouvel以及哈迪德設計的演藝中心.

The designs presented here in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates and one of the world’s top oil producers, are to be built on an island just off the coast and include three museums designed by the celebrity architects Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel and Tadao Ando, as well as a sprawling, spaceshiplike performing arts center designed by Zaha Hadid.

蓋裡的建築是一項歧視股阿布扎比分社的古根海姆博物館展出當代藝術和張Nouvel的 該館為古典,可能楔子巴黎的盧浮宮博物館. 安藤先生的房子是海事博物館反映歷史阿拉伯海灣.

Mr. Gehry’s building is intended for an Adu Dhabi branch of the Guggenheim Museum featuring contemporary art and Mr. Nouvel’s for a classical museum, possibly an outpost of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Mr. Ando’s is to house a maritime museum reflecting the history of the Arabian gulf.

該項目還要求有一個國家博物館、雙年展空間設計的亭台樓閣組成19個較小 姓名跑偏,沿運河穿越該島. 藝術學校和藝術學院也計劃.

The project also calls for a national museum and a biennial exhibition space composed of 19 pavilions designed by smaller names and snaking along a canal that cuts through the island. Art schools and an art college are also planned.

在所有的項目,被稱為文化區saadiyat島 展覽將營造空間欲把一度沉睡沿波斯灣沙漠城建成國際藝術 資本和旅遊勝地. 如果按計劃完成,今後政府在未來十年的顧問預測, 它可能是世界最大的單一藝術及文化發展項目在最近記憶.

In all, the project, known as the Cultural District of Saadiyat Island, would create an exhibition space intended to turn this once-sleepy desert city along the Persian Gulf into an international arts capital and tourist destination. If completed according to plan sometime in the next decade, consultants predict, it could be the world’s largest single arts-and-culture development project in recent memory.

有時驚訝,有時爭議 區是一個廣泛的270億元開發項目遠在島上,包括酒店、度假、 高爾夫球場,可容納125,000居民住房或更多.

At times astonishing, at times controversial, the district is part of a far broader $27 billion development project on the island that includes hotels, resorts, golf courses and housing that could accommodate 125,000 residents or more.

博物館設計,參加展覽,展出政要和阿拉伯聯合酋長國領導 阿布都離開阿布扎比鮮明的搖搖欲墜1970式混凝土建築物及更現代玻璃與鋼高樓. 還是因為saadiyat島不發達,建築師面臨的挑戰不尋常的美學及上下文從頭做起.

The museum designs, displayed at an exhibition attended by dignitaries and the United Arab Emirates leadership, are a striking departure from Abu Dhabi’s crumbling 1970s-style concrete buildings and more modern glass-and-steel high-rises. Still, because Saadiyat Island is undeveloped, architects faced the unusual challenge of an aesthetic and contextual tabula rasa.

大膽設計,有些不虞匱乏和顏色等更為正式開工,在某一方面有共同的: 這樣可能是他們都在努力建設一個地區首位.

The daring designs, some teeming with life and color, others more starkly formal, have one aspect in common: it probably would be hard to build them all in one district anywhere else.

"這像在一個充滿乾淨板岩資源"蓋蓋裡、 貌似炫耀自己在展覽的古根海姆模式阿布阿布扎比. "這是一個機會,世界藝術與文化,是因為你沒有提供地方建設 沙漠飛地無語境制約了城市. "

“It’s like a clean slate in a country full of resources,” said Mr. Gehry, who appeared at the exhibition to show off his model for the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. “It’s an opportunity for the world of art and culture that is not available anywhere else because you’re building a desert enclave without the contextual constraints of a city.”

沒有費用估計為包圍亮相就被週三、 但每次遇到了一定數以億計.

No cost estimates were given for the buildings unveiled on Wednesday, but each is certain to run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

阿布阿布扎比的古根海姆, 蓋蓋裡設想了320,000平方英尺結構130平方英尺展覽空間建群巡禮 太空遠高於他在西班牙畢爾巴鄂古根海姆,耗資約1億美元. 吵吵嚷嚷了788、玻璃簷和空地, 阿布阿布扎比的古根海姆將圍繞一個核心畫廊不同高度之上,形成互相 一個大院. 第二圈畫廊之後第三大圈畫廊房屋工業原料瞻位與曝光 照明和機械系統.

For the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, Mr. Gehry envisions a 320,000-square-foot structure with 130,000 square feet of exhibition space built around a cluster of galleries, a space far larger than his Guggenheim Bilbao in Spain, which cost about $100 million. A jumble of blocks, glass awnings and open spaces, the Abu Dhabi Guggenheim would be centered on a core of galleries of varying height atop one another and forming a courtyard. A second ring of larger galleries is followed by a third ring of galleries housing raw industrial-looking spaces with exposed lighting and mechanical systems.

設計經典對話進入博物館週邊、 水下考古工作者提供建議匯聚一室放置建築物沿著長廊. 涵蓋了大規模的複雜半透明圓頂鐫刻在蒼茫的模式,讓光進入位以下.

The design for the classical museum enters into a dialogue with its surroundings, suggesting a submerged archaeological field with a cluster of one-room buildings placed along a promenade. The complex is covered by a massive translucent dome etched in patterns that allow diffused light into the spaces below.

安藤先生的海上航運史博物館設計借用了酋長、 兼併與反光表面海陸、內政部shiplike浮動面板.

Mr. Ando’s maritime museum design borrows from the maritime history of the emirates, with a reflective surface merging sea and land and a shiplike interior with floating decks.

胡哈迪德的演藝中心概念,這似乎是太空船,部分有機體,是一個音樂之家禮堂 音樂廳、歌劇院、電影院兩個,一個座位達6300. 透明和通風,中心盤旋蔚藍波斯灣水域.

Ms. Hadid’s performing arts center concept, which seems part spaceship, part organism, is to house a music hall, concert hall, opera house and two theaters, one seating up to 6,300. Transparent and airy, the center hovers over the azure waters of the Persian Gulf.

"這是一個有機的設計靈感來自大自然,以流體設計、 以及一個良好的空間與聲,"胡哈迪德說.

“It’s an inspiration from nature and an organic design, with a fluid design, as well as a space with good sound,” Ms. Hadid said.

阿布阿布扎比的族長夢見了這個項目2004年底席捲文化、 經過集思廣益的方式,以吸引更多的遊客到酋長、 這是最富有的七個在阿拉伯聯合酋長國邦聯 但基本上錯過了洪水鄰國迪拜吸引遊客.

Abu Dhabi’s sheiks dreamed up this sweeping cultural project in late 2004, after brainstorming ways to attract more tourism to the emirate, which is the richest of the seven in the United Arab Emirates confederation, but has largely missed out on the flood of visitors attracted by its neighbor Dubai.


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The architects Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid with Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi.

Visitors survey an exhibition unveiling designs for a vast and architecturally ambitious cultural district planned for Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, part of the United Arab Emirates.



Ando Hadid Nouvel Gehry


錢多從石油轟 酋長國展開了一個旨在更新其基礎設施發展的狂熱,經過多年發展有限. 阿布阿布扎比旅遊局堅持他們不是一起來迪拜 而是要配合迪拜的重點放在其它娛樂形式.

Flush with cash from the oil boom, the emirate has embarked on a development spree intended to update its infrastructure after years of limited development. Abu Dhabi’s tourist board insists it is not trying to one-up Dubai, but instead wants to complement Dubai’s emphasis on other forms of entertainment.

"這裡是真正的戰略決策,迪拜已成為旅遊勝地, 阿布是阿布扎比和迪拜做什麼補充說:"韋爵會長洛德文化資源 這有助於開發管理文化項目. "文化觀光客也都由老、更知識化,他們花費更多. 從經濟觀點, 這是有道理的. "

“The real strategic decision here is that Dubai has established itself as a tourist destination, and Abu Dhabi is complementing what Dubai is doing,” said Barry Lord, president of Lord Cultural Resources, which has helped manage the development of the cultural project. “Cultural tourists are wealthier, older, more educated, and they spend more. From an economic view, this makes sense."

阿布阿布扎比的旅遊開發和建設投資公司宣布了處理上的古根海姆阿布阿布扎比 一年. 日前達成了10億美元的協議,但租金名稱、 專長為羅浮宮藝術博物館將建在島上. 很快,抗議該國出現在法國被出售給出價最高遺產. 酋長國的旅遊官員淡化羅浮宮計畫星期三,最終沒有堅持這項交易.

Abu Dhabi’s Tourism Development and Investment Company announced a deal to build the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi last year. Recently it reached a $1 billion accord to rent the name, art and expertise of the Louvre for a museum to be built on the island. Protests quickly arose in France that that country was selling its patrimony to the highest bidder. The emirate’s tourism officials played down the Louvre plan on Wednesday, insisting the deal was not final.


Mr. Lord noted that the arts project was taking shape against the backdrop of continued turbulence in the Middle East.

"他們都很自覺,在這裡可以改變這一地區的文化氛圍,"蓋洛德說. "能在高加上高文末國際文化,這是一個巨大的變化."

“They are very conscious here that this can change the cultural climate in the region,” Mr. Lord said. “To be able to add high culture at the high end of international culture, this is a tremendous change.”

經過70年代和80年代石油11,800其中收益並非總是明智地使用, 波斯灣各國政府正在集中消費的盈餘基建房地產開發. 新一代領導人在海灣,尤其在酋長、 凡安裝新的統治者,而僅在2004年底仍有三十幾位部長、 看了以後傳統房地產項目的努力,幫助它們在世界舞台上脫穎而出城市.

After oil booms in the 1970s and 80s in which their proceeds were not always used wisely, Persian Gulf governments are now focusing on spending their surpluses on infrastructure projects and real-estate development. A new generation of leaders in the gulf, especially in the emirates, where a new ruler was installed only in late 2004 and where several ministers are still in their 30s, has looked beyond traditional real-estate projects to efforts that would help their cities stand out on the world stage.

波斯灣國家已轉向其他藝術. 卡塔爾正在加最後一公尺觸及裴的最新結構、卡塔爾館 剛剛建成的南岸,首都多哈,一個新的伊斯蘭藝術收藏陳列. 在沙迦酋長國的另一個,已經形成自己的文化首都波斯灣 沙迦藝術博物館收藏,並繼續擴大其第八屆規劃兩年一次. 迪拜正在建設乃至文化村 圍繞歌劇院還設計了Š哈迪德等文化藝術機構.

Other Persian Gulf countries have turned to the arts too. In Qatar the final touches are being added to I. M. Pei’s latest structure, the Qatar Museum, built just off the coast of the capital, Doha, to house a new Islamic arts collection. In Sharjah, another emirate, which has fashioned itself as the cultural capital of the Persian Gulf, the Sharjah Art Museum continues to expand its collection and is planning its eighth biennial. And even Dubai is building a Culture Village, centered on an opera house also designed by Ms. Hadid and other arts and culture institutions.

"這不只是旅遊; 它還具有全球文化層面,"muhairi穆巴拉克、 總幹事的阿布阿布扎比旅遊局說. "我們相信,最好的車越過邊界是藝術. 而這一地區正需要這樣的藝術活動. "

“This is not just about tourism; it also has global cultural dimensions,” Mubarak Muhairi, the director general of the Abu Dhabi tourism authority, said. “We believe the best vehicle for crossing borders is art. And this region is in need of such artistic initiatives.”

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